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Gross Gyms: You Could Be Picking Up Nasty Bacteria With Your Gains

Whilst going to the gym is obviously good for your health did you know the amount of bacteria is lurking on those machines could do you quite a bit of harm? When you think of all the sweat, snot and other bodily fluids that get flung everywhere it’s no surprise all that iron is covered in nasties.

FitRated gathered some worrying information regarding the state of your fitness suite:

gym bacteria

Just don’t forget your antibacterial wipes!

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Couch Potato Transforms Himself From Fat To Fit By Eating Junk Food

If you thought the key to a ripped body was a carefully constructed diet of kale and fresh air then think again! Strapping 30 year old Adam Moran puts all these meal prepping chicken quinoa guzzlers to shame as he puts his amazing physique down to chicken nuggets and other fast food delights.

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He told The Sun newspaper:

I was always an overweight kid and started weight training when I was around 25.

“I wasn’t in shape and wanted to get ripped and like the way I looked. I went to the gym six times a week for two hours at a time. I train all my muscles twice a week, except my legs. I’ve got my body fat down to around eight per cent.”

“When you diet for a long period of time your body gets to a point where it won’t loose any more weight.

“That’s why bodybuilders have ‘cheat meals’ because it helps their bodies recover with all the protein.

“It also gives you energy to want to go and train and without it I wouldn’t have got the body I wanted.”


What Will Happen In Season 6 of Game Of Thrones?

We’re all still shocked by the season 5 finale of Game of Thrones; no one saw that coming, apart from the book fans, of course. What’s gonna happen in the next season then? Is you-know-who really dead? What are the Tyrells going to do? Will Cersei have her revenge? And most importantly, who’s going to save Daenerys?
YouTuber Emergency Awesome in this video tries to answer these and many more questions.

What do you think, is he right? Is he just talking rubbish? Let us know in the comments.


Top 8 Miracle Foods You Need To Eat To Gain Muscle

Summer is almost here and we all want to show a bit of flesh, muscly flesh to be more precise. As any trainer can tell you, what you eat has got a greater effect on your body than how much you workout, so let’s find out what food can help us pack some muscles.

1. Lean Beef


This should be in everyone’s diet: if you’re trying to lose weight and gain some muscle there’s nothing better than some lean beef. A three once serving of lean beef contains just 154 calories but it provides the same amount of protein as 1.5 cups of beans (at half the calories).